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What We Do

Leren - a dutch derivation, meaning to learn/to teach. 


Whether you are a large pharmaceutical company, CRO, small startup or an academic institution, times will arise when you lack sufficient programming resources to achieve your goals.  Our specialty is to complement your current labor resources in a time effective manner and on a project specific basis.

Practice Areas
  • SDTM Production & Validation

  • ADaM Production & Validation

  • Tables/Figures/Listing

  • SAS Expertise 

  • Big Data Solutions

  • Data Architecture

CDISC - Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium

Developed by the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium; SDTM and ADaM datasets are fast becoming the industry standard.  Depending on how your company collects patient information the task of converting your raw study data to a collection of CDISC compliant SDTM datasets that efficiently feed into your ADaM model; can be a relatively painless proposition or a laborious process requiring a substantial amount of programming resources.  When those times arise Leren programmers will write easily adoptable programs that your staff can then maintain throughout the duration of the study.


While it is our goal to provide your company with easily adoptable programs we realize that the original programmer is usually best positioned to edit the more complex SAS code. 


Leren consultants stand ready in such situations to ensure that your deliverable is not delayed.

Adhoc Projects

Leren welcomes the opportunity to work with you on developing unique SAS programming solutions tailor fit to your needs.  Current staff interests include: customized reporting capability, data architecture and managing Big Data. 


Tell us your needs and let us ascertain if we think we can be of service.


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